Testimonials - What you say about our Sewing Classes

5.0 star rating 9/30/2017
Lilian is awesome! My daughter has leaned so much thanks to Lilian. My daughter is able to complete awesome costumes with Lilian's help. I'm amazed with how fast my daughter learned to sew with Lilian.


​Ahhh!! I love Lilian and this class so much! Went today for my first 2 hour session and it went amazing!! I had NO experience going into the class & came out with a cute bag w/ a zipper. Lilian is very sweet & funny, easy to be comfortable around and extremely hands on. It's funny cause she would do something on your machine then undo it for you to learn on your own which is important & I appreciated even though I would suck my teeth at times hahaha. My class was small 2 adults (including myself) & two children. She was very knowledgeable of the machines, even mine (she has sewing machines available if you do not have your own). Nothing was rushed & she made sure we all understood what we were doing. She gave us a nice deal if we wanted to return for more classes ( I was going to sign up regardless) & even gave us some fabric so we can keep practicing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in sewing. I'll be back soon!


"Hi Lilian,
Just wanted to let you know that Saturday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Loved discovering Leimert Park (was about time) and it was so nice to receive support and encouragement from you on my first day at sewing in 20 yrs. I've been online (obsessively, I might add) searching for a sewing machine since Saturday.  The first part of my tote hangs here in my kitchen...can't wait to finish it!!
Okay, until soon again." 

Azalee D.

"Classes are taught by a talented fashion designer who consults for high-level clients and who runs her own online store." 

 Vashti Pye Davis

"Enjoyed the class very much! I feel more confident with the sewing machine. Lilian was awesome!!!" 

Elisa Thompson  

"Took my first beginners sewing class from Ms Lilian this past Sat. I made my 1st item with a sewing machine!!! A pillow, I just have to put the stuffing in we also learned to put zippers in as well ..Enjoyed my 2 hour class with her and Sophie very pleasant people. Excited for my new adventure in sewing." 

Kamar Phillips

"I learned skills here, rather than how to make a specific pattern. I can transfer these skills to other projects, rather than be limited to only being able to make one thing." 

Dana Brown

"The class was great. My 9 year old shared the class with a 12 year old and older teens and a couple adults. She loved the class and is eager to return. I dropped her off a complete beginner and was amazed to see her using a machine and sewing a zipper when I returned. Everyone was completely absorbed with their work. Lillian seemed patient and extremely knowledgeable. Big thumbs up." 

Leesa McNamee

It was absolutely positive and from 1 lesson I am sewing on a regular bases. 


Lilian is a wonderful instructor!